For the little ones :
  • Even if the sun seems to be hidden, I don't forget sun cream or my sun glasses.
  • I arrive at the Piou-Piou wearing my bib and the labels with my name that Mum and Dad will have stuck on my ski boots and skies, in the places provided for them. 

For my safety : 
  • I don't wear scarfs, I don't tie my mittens with strings in the sleeves of my anorak... and to be super cautious, I don't bring ski poles.
  • It's good when Mum and Dad accompany me to Club Piou-Piou !... But then, we stay with our friends while the parents enjoy the mountains with their friends.
  • As I am a little older and I am starting to ski well, the ski instructor will be able to introduce me the Ourson ski test that will take place at the Club Piou-Piou.
  • Registration for the test is free, don't worry, I'm progressing at my own pace. Skiing is cool, and above all I'm having fun !!! It's great skiing at Piou-Piou, it's a game with magic carpets ! But I can also make snowmen with my friends. And don't be sad if I do not pass the test : the main thing is that I enjoyed myself all week with my friends and that I made a lot of progress.
For older children :
  • Know that students are not insured by ESF
  • The ski lift pass (ticket) is not included in the ski lesson.
  • The skiing equipment is not included in the ski lesson.
  • Students must come to their ski lessons equipped with their ski equipment. (skies, ski boots, poles from the 1st star, gloves, hats, glasses, anorak...).
  • Students must come to their ski lessons with their ticket or lesson card bearing the date and time of the lesson. 
  • Parents must be present at the end of the lesson to collect the children.
  • Wearing a helmet is highly recomended for children of all ages.